1. What kind of permits are there and which one do I need?

ANSWER: There are 2 kinds of permits 

Class 12 Permit or Mixologist’s Permit is required to work behind the bar, mix drinks, pour tap beer or wine, or manage an establishment which serves alcohol for on premise consumption. A Class 12 permit holder may act solely as a server. You must be at least 21 years of age to possess a class 12 permit.

Class 13 Permit or Server’s Permit will allow you to take orders for and deliver alcoholic beverages for on site consumption. A server may open and pour beer or wine into a glass at a customer’s table, but may not mix or pour from a tap, or manage a facility which serves alcohol for on site consumption. A server must be at least 18, 19 or 20 years of age.

2. When someone takes a mandatory server training class, do they get their permit at the completion of the class or is it mailed to them?

ANSWER: Typically we grade the tests on site and issue the permits when we are done. However, sometimes time constraits or some other limiting factor will force us to grade the test at another site and the permits are then mailed to the student within 30 days.

3. According to the new rules under WAC 314-17, a mixologist can be a liquor licensee or employee. Under what circumstances does a licensee (sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer/stockholder) have to get a Class 12 permit?"

ANSWER: If the licensee "manages the retail floor space," they need a Class 12 permit.

A "manager" would be someone who is involved in the day-to-day operation of the business, is normally available at the premises a portion of most workdays, is involved in hiring/firing people, ordering liquor, banking, and the sale and service of alcohol by supervising employees who sell/serve alcohol or may do so his/her self. Most liquor licensees will have to obtain a Class 12 permit.

If the licensee does not manage the business, i.e., does not spend time there, just collects money and hires a manager to run the business for them, then the licensee will not need a Class 12 permit; the manager will.

4. Can a retail licensee check with the Enforcement Division on a prospective employee who holds a MAST permit to insure there are no prior violations?

ANSWER: A licensee may make a Public Records Request for information on server permit holders to include their violation history. Currently the Washington State Liquor Control Board is working to make this information available on the internet.

5. Can a Liquor Control Agent check on an employee to see if there is any violation history?

ANSWER: The Agent can check a permit by permit number, name, and DOB to see if they have a servers permit, what kind, and when it expires.

6. How many violations does a permit holder have to commit before the permit is suspended or revoked?

ANSWER: Penalty guidelines recommend a 5 day permit suspension for the first violation.

7. If an employee’s permit is suspended for a period of time, may the employee continue to work?

ANSWER: If an employee’s permit is suspended or revoked, the employee cannot work in the sales or service of alcohol during the suspension period. If the suspended permit employee continued to work, a criminal citation under RCW 66.20.310 (6)(b) would be issued to the employee; an AVN would be issued under RCW 66.20.310 (6)(a) to the licensee who allowed a suspended/revoked permit holder to work, serving alcohol without a permit.

8. Can Mandatory Alcohol Server Training be held on a manufacturer's, wholesaler's or importer's location?

ANSWER: Yes. It is legal for providers of the mandatory alcohol server training to use the facilities of a manufacturer, wholesaler and importer as a location for classes.

9. There is a small restaurant, and the restaurant is open during the day, but the bar is closed. Does the manager during the day need a permit?

ANSWER: If anyone in the restaurant is serving beer or wine and mixing spirits during the day, YES, the manager or other employee needs an appropriate permit.

10. Does the server have to carry the permit with them, on their person?

ANSWER: The server must have the permit along with valid ID for liquor service on the premises when they are working and available for inspection. It does not have to be on their person.


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